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review: Alpha Vantage live stock trading API.


Summary: This is a quick review of my experience using the Alpha Vantage live stock trading data API.

Notes: I wanted to develop a quick project to display live stock trading information for five stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange which updated once per minute. My source for the data was Alpha Vantage's live stock data API.

I found their site easy to navigate and registration for the free API license key was very straightfoward. Documentation was not extensive but it had all the basics you need to source the data you need. To incorporate the feed into a web app required a reasonable depth of knowledge about Javascript objects.

I did encounter some minor issues where sometimes requests failed. I did some limited testing but it was unclear whether the failure was due to loading, timeouts, or the frequency of request on a free license. This was not a great problem because my web app included error handling and subsequent API calls succeeded.

Link: Alpha Vantage stock trading data API developer documentation

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