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Screen capture of traffic web app

review: Here.com live traffic API.


Summary: This is a quick review of my experience using the Here.com live traffic data API.

Notes: I wanted to develop a quick project to display live traffic information for the M4/M5 Almondsbury interchange near Bristol in the UK. After reviewing available free resources I settled on using Here.com as my source API. It provides a facility to search based on geographical coordinates an returns zoomable map tiles with live traffic and incident layers.

I found their site easy to navigate and their developer resources to be very good. Registration for the API license key was very straightfoward. In particular I liked the fact that their extensive documentation includes code examples which are suitable for copying and modifying to get the data you need - which means that it's very quick to implement into a web app.

I did encounter some minor issues with the behaviour of the map tiles, especially when used in a responsive environment alongside Bootstrap 3, but these were mostly easily solved.

Link: Here.com traffic API developer documentation

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