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example: JC Smith Plumbers.


Summary: Demonstration of an ultra low-cost single-page build for a plumbing business.

Resources: Wix.

Notes: This site demonstrates how a site can be built very quickly and simply using the Wix site builder. This example is for a plumbing business and has a single "poster-on-the-web" style build.

JC Smith Plumbers - Landing Page

This type of build is suitable for a small business that wants to have a web presence to attract customers. cost is kept to the minimum by using a standard Wix template with just the pertinent information being changed. The budget required for this type of site is very small and ongoing maintenance costs are minimal.

Hosting is free from Wix.com and the site domain is a subdomain, free from Wix. SSL certification is provided at no cost by Wix.

The subdomain with Wix is particularly unattractive, so usually the client would purchase an appropriate domainname. Wix also includes a lot of their branding on free sites, which means that it is an unsuitable solution for many businesses. To remove Wix branding requires a premium contract costing in the range of £5-£10 per month.

My personal opinion is that if you want a low cost website, Weebly.com provides a better solution, but if you really want a Wix website, I am happy to set it up for you.

Link: JC Smith Plumbers

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