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Great War Project - Landing Page

Client: The Great war Project.


Summary: Developing a new, responsive, static website for a charity project promoting activities to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Resources: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, Formspree.io.

Notes: The client were looking for a new, bespoke website in preparation for the final year of the centenary period for WW1. After discussions, they chose a simple design with a full-page hero image landing page linked to a single static page with information about their work and a contact form.

The landing page displays a full-screen background image of a field of poppies which is gradually overlaid with a semi-opaque red filter with the project's name and a button to link to the information page. The fade-in overlay effect is created using CSS3 fadein animation.

The main information page is a responsive Bootstrap three-column layout, changing to single-column for small displays. The contact form processing is handled using Formspree.

Link: greatwarproject.org.uk

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