Arcadia Venetian Masks

Elegant. Beautiful. Mysterious. Seductive. Our luxury hand crafted Venetian ball masks add a sense of mystery and playfullness to any party.

Our team of skilled craftspeople have a combined experience of over three-hundred years in designing and crafting the finest Venetian ball masks. Our customers include royalty and nobility, heads of state,celebrities, business leaders and diplomats. Let us create a one-off masterpiece for you.

We offer three levels of service:

  • Primo

    - One-off, bespoke designs created for you, and only you. Using state-of-the-art technology, we will scan the dimensions of your face to create a mask moulded to fit you perfectly.
  • Secondo

    - Choose from our wide range of designs and specify any personal modifications. Our team will then create a mask that's moulded to fit you perfectly.
  • Terzo

    - Select a mask from our extensive stock. Our staff will modify the one you choose to achieve the best fit possible.

Maschere Veneziane Arcadia

Viale Ancona 147

30172 Mestre (VE)


Tel +39 041-8477-5570